Office partitions: more space and more style

To modernize the company here are glass partitions for offices. Elegance, style and technology with office partitions by Vetroin.

Very often in the workplace it is necessary to reorganize the interior space.
In this sense, offices partitions are an ideal solution for better redistribution of space, especially in small places.
These elements are particularly suitable for creating new workrooms, meeting rooms, waiting rooms or for any other settings.
The novelty in office partitions is glass. Vetroin, the Brescian company that manufactures products for furnishing of working settings and use this wonderful material for the realization of all its products.
From this innovation was born Truelight and Evolvingwall, two types of office partitions that combine transparency and technology of the aluminium frames.
The real peculiarity of these products is in the fact that the load-bearing function is entrusted fully to the same glass sheets that constitute these office partitions.
This means that we can disregard the vertical structure which, normally, is responsible for carrying the weight of these elements.
Glass, then, makes these walls very elegant. Transparency, furnishing properties and the easy placement in any environment and makes workplaces very pleasant and stylish.
Find images and detailed information about office partitions by Vetroin website on its site and contact the company for specific calculations.

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