Office partitions: divide the space in the right way!

Office partitions made by Vetroin: subdividing spaces with glass is now possible!

Glass partitions for offices serve to divide the environment in various rooms, then to be allocated to employees with different jobs. When you get to this stage of the project, it is necessary to pay very close attention to the operations and facilities, not to reduce, too much, the various environments and limit the lighting, creating a dark and stuffy workplace.
To overcome all these problems, Vetroin proposes truly special, innovative office partitions, made of glass. That's right; our company uses glass as a primary element, elegant and refined like no other material, perfect for enhancing natural sunlight and then spreading it around in different environments without hampering it.
These glass office partitions create a very cosy, spacious, harmonious and easy on the eyes. Without the huge masonry walls, everything will look bigger and wider. Don't worry about your privacy; Vetroin proposes office partitions with LCD technology to darken the wall with a simple click whenever you need it, respecting the privacy and confidentiality of your work.
Contact us for a free estimate; please visit our website to see the photos of our recent accomplishments featuring these beautiful glass office partitions. Please don't hesitate to call us for any additional information.

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