Office partitions for dividing office spaces

In an office workplace space is a basic requirement. There are always a lot of materials or products to be used, often there are even  more people in the room, so the opportunity to enjoy large spaces is important. Where it’s not possible or if the settings are too large and poorly used, the office partitions can be an effective solution. These elements can divide the space in such a way to create more ordered and defined settings. Vetroin is the company of Castel Mella that has been designing and  producing very special office partitions for years. 


In fact, the material that characterizes the entire production line of this company is glass. This extremely flexible and versatile material allows you to create multiple elements for office furnishing including beautiful office partitions. They are called Evolvinwall and consist of a universal system of extruded aluminium frames which cover the entire perimeter of the glass sheet that can be unique central or lateral, double, with a blank panel or plasterboard. These particular office partitions have another important feature: the noise insulation of the human voice frequency equal to 50 dB.
This is an advantage for example if you want to have a space dedicated to a meeting room to enjoy complete privacy. Please, visit the site of Vetroin to make a clearer idea about these very functional office partitions and about the entire company’s production.

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