Office furniture of a certain prestige

Office furniture: you're definitely in the right place, here the accomplishments of VetroIN.

VetroIN is a leading company in the design and realization of prestigious office furniture, 100% Made in Italy, quality materials and certified workmanship! We carry out projects strictly tailored specifically to the customer's needs and environmental needs of the facility, in order to create a unique, luxurious, amazing and original office furniture. If you need to astonish your customers, you are definitely in the right place!
The office furniture signed VetroIN has as its main element glass, this material is versatile, elegant and transparent. We can work it with many different techniques thanks to the infinite number of our laboratory machines, to turn an idea into reality, from laser incision to screen printing, from the insertion of tissue or other material between two plates to LED lighting. If we add to this the technological elements such as sliding systems for doors, LCD films that allow to opacify the walls or the surprising interactive glass vetroINteractive, the game is done!
We turn with our office furniture mainly to major companies or business at the top of the market that want to invest in aesthetics and image. Please contact us to extend questions or ask for information without obligation, we invite you to browse our website to see pictures of some recent achievements and get an idea of the work signed VetroIN.

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