Office furnishings: contact Vetroin

An architect that collaborates with Vetroin will always propose innovative office furnishings, avant-garde and technological. Contact us to find out more.

Why should a company choose Vetroin for the design project of their office furnishings?  If you're looking for something original, unique, good quality, technological and precious, you're in the right place! This company has been designing and planning office furnishings for many years and it is always a step ahead of the others!
Our element is glass, the unchallenged king of our furnishings. This element is also enriched with wooden panels, fabrics, paper, laser decorations, LCD panels and much more. We produce dividing panels with one or two sheets of glass, traditional and sliding doors, equipped panels for keeping order, parapets and wall coverings. All this is studied and planned with harmony, considering space and how to use it to its full capacity, creating large, open and bright spaces giving a sensation of freedom and transparency.
One of our strong points? Our interactive screen Vetro Interactive. Thanks to a projector and a touchscreen film inserted in the glass dividing panel of your office, this becomes a computer and you can impress your meeting guests with this exclusive instrument.
An architect that collaborates with Vetroin will always propose avant-garde and technological office furnishings, for large companies that aim for a good image. Don't hesitste to ask for any further information, we are at your service for projects and estimates.

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