Office furnishings project.

Office furnishings project, in glass and personalized...browse through our website to see the final effect.

A good office furnishings project must be both functional for work purposes and aesthetically pleasing and appealing. It's therefore necessary to consider colours, lights, atmosphere and also the comodity of the users, order, space management for archives and more. Vetroin is the right company to turn to if you really want to impress, with an exclusive office furnishings project.
Our company uses glass as its main material for office furnishings projects, transparent and elegant, personalized 100%. From partitions to doors, from parapets to handrails for stairs...all in glass! As a combination we also propose equipped panels in wood with spaces for archiving documents and other material. What do you think? Can you imagine the final effect of an office furnishings project in glass?
If you still have some doubts, browse through our website and on the page "achievements" you'll find lots of images of our recent jobs commissioned by important can get an idea of the quality and beauty of our productions. In the section dedicated to products, you'll find all the structural details of our furnishings, for the maximum transparency and safety possible.
Don't hesitate to contact us and speak directly with one of our collaborators, to consider together the possibility of beginning a great office furnishings project...for your offices! We are at your complete service.

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