Office furnishings, Vetroin’s great impact.

Vetroin, leading company in Europe for the creation of Office Furnishings. Contact us.

Looking for a company that deals with Office Furnishings that are ultra modern, technological and of great aesthetic impact is not an easy task at all. If you want to make a difference and present yourselves to the public in a certain way, the only solution you have is to contact Vetroin. This leading company in Europe for the design and production of avant-garde office furnishings proposes innovative, particular and original solutions, based on technology and the advancing of time.
Office furnishings by Vetroin use glass as their main element, elegant and refined, versatile and personalizable. With glass as the starting point we create rooms and areas within your space. This material allows the natural sunlight to enter and make the spaces seem larger, giving that "infinite" sensation. This doesn't mean giving up your privacy, some of the personalizing techniques such as LCD glass or printed designs, can make the doors and walls opaque, allowing that necessary intimacy for private meetings or appointments with clients.
As for the use of technology in office furnishings by Vetroin, among our many products, we present our interactive glass with touch screen film that allows you to use the glass partition as a computer, laser incision and LED illumination.
For any further information regarding our office furnishings projects, contact us!

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