Office dividers: between glass and wooden containers

Very versatile office dividers; aesthetically beautiful and functional to your work.

Have you ever seen glass office dividers? If you ever had the chance to, then surely they must have struck you. The optical effect that glass office dividers create is very peculiar and it becomes unique with Vetroin's creations.
This material is extremely versatile. Thanks to its transparency, it is possible to play with natural sunlight and even with spaciousness. If we were to add our lab's decorations and works to this (serigraphy, laser incision, LED, and more), then the result would become truly astonishing.
A 360o plan for an office includes dividers both in glass and "equipped" with mobile wooden containers in order to be functional even to your work. From your desk, you'll be able to see all the other rooms through the glass dividers, whilst to your back, you could have the wall installed with these great containers for the archiving of materials and documents. What more to ask for?
Contact us to receive a plan and a personalised estimate, obviously with no commitments. We're addressing banks, post offices, great companies, multinational headquarters... do not hesitate to ask for information!

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