Novelty for sliding doors

Renew the office with sliding doors.  Insert beautiful sliding glass doors in small spaces, discover where to find them

When it comes to furnish a workplace or renew it, the most important thing to consider, besides elegance and practicality, is the distribution of internal spaces. In very lbig rooms, it’s possible to have a lot of furniture, but in small ones, even a small encumbrance can be a problem. Thus, these sliding doors can help us. In fact, they are particularly useful in cases of problems with logistics, design or limited space when you want to save it. Thanks to items like these it’s possible to give more layouts to materials and shapes of nearby walls. The sliding doors may be retractable, in which the opening is integrated in the walls with a subframe which houses inside the door eliminating completely the encumbrance. They may be single or double, coplanar or hinged. In order to install such elements it’s necessary to have strong and safe walls. We also have doors sliding outside the wall, in which the opening of the door takes place along the wall optimizing the space. Here we have a runner on the wall, ceiling or recessed in plasterboard ceiling. If you want to save your office space without sacrificing style, choose the sliding glass doors by Vetroin. The company situated in Castel Mella has made its main activity from the production of truly unique and original products made of glass. With the products of this company you can furnish the office with style, quality and convenience, giving elegance and style to your rooms. Visit the website of Vetroin and discover the sliding doors in the double proposed version.

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