Novelties for our frosted glass doors

Customers and employees will be more serene with our frosted glass doors: a work space light and ample.

Glazing is one of the oldest and well-established techniques for the treatment of glass. Before we proceeded with acid etching, with products that were often too dangerous for humans. Vetroin, thanks to modern technology, allows treating glass in different and completely safe ways.
You can proceed to the production of frosted glass doors with sandblasting (very fine sands fired with compressed air on the working panel  scratching the sheet itself), or with hydrofluoric acid diluted directly on the sheet or applied in gelatin, or with particularly precise mole and suitable for use only by experts.
The result varies but always leads to great satin glass doors: Vetroin is focusing on its satin  products, the elegance that they make, because while leaving a lot of light, they provide a greater confidentiality in comparison with transparent glass, either because they are aesthetically very fascinating and soften the style of furniture.
An office with frosted glass partitions and doors will be elegant, bright and the perception will be that of a larger space. Moreover, when furnished with walls and solid doors, the depth of vision is not blocked, so the work will be easier.
Thanks to its experience, Vetroin will advise you both materials and disposition of furniture.  Our frosted glass doors will be an excellent choice.

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