New glass furniture on demand

Vetroin is a leading manufacturer of glass furniture made on demand and it starts from your desires and needs

How many times have you seen a piece of furniture that you like very much, that would be perfect for your new office ... It seems excellent, you purchase it and after that does not fit a few cm or does not match harmoniously to the rest of the furniture.
Vetroin solves this problem at the beginning because it offers the possibility of having glass furniture to fit your space. And we assure you that our glass furniture is custom made, it is not  composed of prefabricated pieces of different sizes that we are trying to adapt, but it will be designed, conceived, and made entirely from the very beginning, according to the project that our consultants, our staff and you have built.
Custom-made glass furniture will be what you have desired and it gives a new look to your company. Together we will made partition for large spaces, walls equipped with technological systems, fixtures, parapets. Thanks to the great experience accumulated over the recent years, Vetroin is able to think about complete glass furniture on demand without missing anything.
Contact our staff, set a meeting and the construction work will begin in short, eliminating those annoying waiting times which are usually encountered in the realization of something on demand.
Elegant pieces of furniture, fine, functional and innovative will make up the project and will give concrete shape to your dreams.

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