New glass furnishing for 2015!

New exclusive glass furnishings! Elegant, modern and refined by Vetroin.

Here we are in the new year, Vetroin wishes you all the best for the coming year, hoping that 2015 will bring much joy and serenity!  Having said that, back to work...are you thinking about changing your office furnishing this year? You're definitely in the right place if you are.

If you want to keep up with the times, you have to choose something technological and modern, especially if your company has to consider the image and first impressions that clients get. What do we suggest? A fantastic glass furnishings project by Vetroin!

Why design a glass furnishings project? This element is really unique, it's elegant and refined, you can shape it and personalize it, it's the only material that can created great light effects...the transparency of the glass allows natural light to fill the environment making spaces seem larger and giving the impression of clarity and honesty, which can't be bad. Imagine a bank or insurance company, glass furnishings with personalized panels, sliding doors, glass parapets for higher exclusive and original environment!

Don't worry about privacy, should you need a more reserved situation it is possible to make the walls opaque with the click of a button thanks to LCD film inserted between the panes of glass...and we've also thought about archives and filing with our equipped panels to keep everything neatly in its place for when it's needed.

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