Made to measure glass furnishings: a great success with Vetroin.

Made to measure glass furnishings by Vetroin: bright,spacious,comfortable,technological…success guaranteed!

The task of an architect who has taken on a project to design new furnishings for the offices of a big company is certainly a hard one. They need to amaze, propose something that fits the situation, original and never seen's exactly for this reason that we're introducing you to Vetroin.
Vetroin is a large company that deals with the design and production of made to measure glass furnishings, modern and one word: avant-garde. If you want to create amazement and surprise you are definitely in the right place. We propose made to measure glass furnishings that  are bright, spacious, comfortable, elegant and also technological. In fact we can include sliding doors, laser incision, acoustic panels, LCD film for special effects,interactive glass...a unique project for sure!
Not only to look at but functional too, hanging containers or equipped panels for storage space and archives. Everything you need!
If you want to have success and propose something unique, ask Vetroin for help and it will be the best made to measure furnishings that you could want. Contact us for an estimate with no obbligations, for more information or for an appointment with our team.
We are here to help you!

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