Light-saving and space-saving glass sliding doors

Vetroin suggests its glass sliding doors to furbish a perfect workplace

Space saving and light saving. These are the two great characteristics of some of the most innovative and refined Vetroin's elements: the glass sliding doors. The compositional concept of our company's furniture implies the juxtaposition of custom elements in order to create or organise a space, exactly as the client imagines it.
Very often, these offices' spaces, culture centres and workplaces aren't large; on the contrary, they tend to be increasingly small. For this very reason, our designers and architects gave origin to a studies that aim at reducing encumbrances as much as possible, giving more air and space to the workers, which need it to give their best in a friendly, open and lit environment.
Our glass sliding doors come into existence from this very principle. The aperture along the wall, the transparency and the lightness, make of our glass sliding doors a great asset in attempting to enlarge a space (even if just at the level of perception).
It's known how circulating natural light, the feel of a larger space and the absence of physical encumbrances (hence, everything that traditional doors impede) can lead to better working conditions in the users' morale and productivity.
This is the reason why one should choose our glass sliding doors.

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