Laser engraving on glass

Vetroin, a company from the Brescia Region, specializing in manufacture of glass office furniture. Walls, sliding doors, stairs, variously personalized sheets – fine work with glass is no secret to Vetroin.
The company’s recent development is a technology of laser engraving on glass. After numerous studies on glass transmission of light, Vetroin has found the right way to create elegant lighting effect due to laser engraving on glass. Engraving makes a picture or a shape. When the LED light goes through glass, it illuminates engraving making it appear in an elegant and pleasant aspect.

A peculiar feature of this technology is that laser engraving made on glass is self-luminous, because LEDs are hidden along the glass sides.
And all other technologies Vetroin, besides laser engraving on glass, are ready to surprise you. For example, walls with LCD film: glass turns out to be transparent or colored depending on availability of power supply in it.
Would you like to refresh the furnishing of your office? Willing to add a tint of modernity, elegance and beauty to your workplace? Interested in new technologies, such as laser engraving on glass? Then Vetroin is just what you need.

Laser engraving on glass plate
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