Laser glass technology

A continued and growing trend in science and technology helps to get to creation of new and very technological elements that can be applied in different sectors, including furnishing. We have, in fact, more and more original and numerous creations that make our settings more beautiful. A laser glass technology is a part of the latest novelties. This is a real innovation, the result of a deep search for such beautiful and versatile material as glass. Vetroin, a company from Brescia that each year make a lot of investments in search of new and cutting-edge elements and no doubt a combination of laser and glass has led to creation of such highly successful product as VetroInlaser. The concept is based on insertion of LEDs near the edge of the sheet in the way that the crossing light gets imprisoned creating amazing optical effects. The application of laser glass allows making incisions in glass in three-dimensional shapes, designs and figures inside glass. Acting on a change of crystal by micro-cracks, a ray of light penetrates into it, creating special effects. In this way Vetroin is able to "trap" the light inside a glass sheet creating beautiful effects that are widely used in office furnishing.  By using laser glass you can, for example, create a truly original logo of your company as well.
Thanks to more than one hundred thousand points illuminated by laser glass you will get a great effect and, moreover, a product never seen before.

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