LED glass: an illuminated design in the glass

LED glass for doors and office dividers; an exceptional result to the eye.

The LED glass is one of the works and creations offered by Vetroin. The glass' versatility and transparency allow us to play with lights and to create very interesting designs, enriched by the LED.
How is an LED wall created? In our lab, we perform a cut of the glass wall with the laser. Everything happens in a digital manner and, therefore, with the most accurate precision. Our latest-generation ultra technological machines can create astonishing designs onto your walls and doors allowing, therefore, to fully personalise them. Once the design is created, LED lights are installed onto the edges of the walls or doors. These filter through the material to the point of reaching the work, where they magically colour it.
Imagine imprinting on an LED glass your logo or a phrase/slogan that best represents your company... The result will be truly exceptional to the eye. Visit out Internet website and browse through the images present. There are so many examples of LED glass amongst our latest creations.
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