LCD glass: the perfect solution to several situations

If the office needs to be isolated in some cases, Vetroin suggests the LCD glass; a modern solution.

Glass + LCD is the caption that you'll find on our website, and it goes to indicate a new technology allowing to opacify glass walls, partitions and doors that are built specifically for this purpose. It could seem like a merely aesthetic operation, but here are some cases when a wall with LCD glass becomes important
In a great company, the Boss' office is a place where meetings happen, where controversies are resolved and where confrontations among collaborators might take place. It might become necessary to close the doors, especially for the safeguarding of these meetings' privacy. With the LCD glass, you'll be able to isolate the office in situations like these whilst allowing, in all of the remaining moments, the circulation of natural light.
If your company deals with patents and copyrights, then secrecy is crucial. One doesn't, however, need to barricade within oppressively closed rooms. The LCD glass partition walls can guarantee privacy when needed whilst still allowing to breath on other occasions; all being simply done with a click.
Medical practices often group together many professionals, which might need to isolate themselves at times when intimacy with their patients is needed. The LCD glass is the perfect solution for a new and modern medical practice.
Vetroin's LCD glass is the perfect solution to many situations.

Glass door
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