LCD glass with transparent and opaque effect

In thousands of innovations brought by sophisticated technologies there is LCD glass that may find various applications. Most popular LCD glass can be seen in contemporary television, but not limited to it. Vetroin, the leading producer of glass walls and partitions, created a wise union of perfection and efficiency of glass and the LCD technology. Just then, LCD glass is used in dividing partitions of offices, companies and premises of all kinds.
Glass is covered with a film of liquid crystal polymer placed between two polyester layers.

Electricity creates either transparent or opaque effect to produce a seen/unseen effect with on and off comands. The effect produced by this LCD glass allows having two types of walls in one. Laminated glass 5 mm thick is absolutely reliable and serviceable, maximum dimensions 300 cm high and 120 cm wide. The vision changes with the looker’s position; transparency enhances at right angle, while opacity increases parallel.
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