LCD glass to modulate the transparency of doors and panels

Our furnishings project could include fabulous LCD glass that becomes opaque at the flick of a switch.

Vetroin designs and produces glass furnishings for offices. Transparency is the most important quality and consequently brightness, spaciousness, clearness and much more.
Maybe you're thinking that glass could somehow eliminate the privacy that is required in certain occasions, for a particular deal or private meeting...well, you're wrong. Vetroin has designed  LCD glass, for instance a door or a dividing panel in glass with an LCD film inside (PA-LC crystals) capable of modulating, depending on the current transmitted, the transparency. With a simple switch or button you can choose whether to leave the glass transparent or make it opaque for maximum privacy.
As you can see, the technology of LCD glass is one of the strong points of our furnishings, modern and absolutely original. To capture the attention of potential clients, this is the right road! If you add other personal elements to your LCD glass, for example a decoration for the door or panel, your office will be unforgettable.
Contact us for any information, on our website you can see images of the most significant productions and for any other explanation we are at your service. Our staff will be pleased to prepare an estimate for your glass furnishings with LCD glass.

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