LCD glass for offices’ privacy

The result of Vetroin’s research on innovation: the LCD glass allows opacity with a click

Innovation is one of the most important activities carried out by Vetroin: lab tests on materials, seminars and lectures with the world's top designers to understand trends and develop new solutions and technological researches to insert screens and computers  (increasingly necessary on the workplace) into furniture elements.
One of the most interesting innovations is the LCD glass, i.e. a glass manufactured with a very peculiar system that allows, at any moment, to opacify the sheets and shut a space up.
Does your facility have many offices and a large conference room? Here's furniture with glass partitions: light circulates, space seems large, and you can breathe a familiar air. Nevertheless, it could happen that this conference room might need to host private discussions. In such occasions, the LCD glass is exactly what you'll need. With a simple switch, the conference room's walls will opacify and impede sight from the exterior to the interior and vice versa. The colour remains the one of glass, without therefore, de-naturing the offices' atmosphere. A great privacy is, however, guaranteed.  
Don't let the glass furniture's apparent lack of privacy scare you: With LCD glass you'll solve all problems.

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