LCD Glass: one surprise after another

The transparency of glass and the need for privacy ... here is the Vetroin LCD glass.

The LCD glass is part of the huge catalog of customizations and workings of Vetroin, leading company in the sector of furnishings for offices and companies. If you are looking for a company able to satisfy all your requests to create an original furnishing, unique, technologically and aesthetically excellent, here you are in the right place.
Returning to our LCD glass, it was created to respond to a genuine practical need and very widespread: the need for privacy. The glass is given by definition transparent, we can say that this is the feature that makes it elegant, refined and very malleable. Sometimes, for example in an office, however, the need arises to create a certain intimacy and to limit this transparency ... and there you are: the Vetroin LCD glass you can dull with a simple click.
That's right, with a click of the switch, thanks to a magnetic field and liquid crystals available, you can choose whether to maintain the transparent wall or to dull it, equally or with personalized designs. In short, one surprise after another.
We invite you to browse through the images on our website, you will find the LCD glass in the section of VetroInnovazioni, then please contact us for quotes and information.

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