Interactive glass within an exceptional furnishing design.

Interactive glass so as to use the glass panel as if it were a computer. Here's some extra information.

What is interactive glass? Who can it be useful to?
VetroInTeractive is an interactive glass designed and produced by Vetroin, leading company in the avant-garde furnishings sector. We are talking about an ultra-technological device, suitable for all large companies during meetings, presentations and other important events. Interactive glass is a simple glass panel equipped with a touch screen film, connected to a video projector and computer. You can work on the interactive glass as if it were your computer!

The panel is an integral part of a design for a glass furnishings project, truly elegant, particular, original and extremely refined. It can be personalized with lighting, colours, laser incision, printed designs or even the application of fabric or panels between the panes of glass. Not forgetting the sliding doors for maximum comodity or glass parapets for the finishing touches on an exclusive environment. The interactive glass will be inserted into this kind of project, the result can't fail to impress your clients.

Image is important, as is being avant-garde and Vetroin if you want to create a unique glass furnishing project!
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