Interactive glass on your dividing panel.

Interactive glass that acts like a computer: Interactive glass and touchscreen system.

Today we're concentrating on big companies that host conferences, meetings and important events in their offices. The office furnishings should reflect the company philosophy and should put everyone in the condition to be able to follow the debate as comfortably as possible. Today Vetroin proposes one of its irresistable elements, one of the most technological and avant-garde on the market...Interactive glass.
Interactive glass is truly a jewel of technology, it's an interactive glass that is part of the dividing panels of the office space, that acts like a computer: instead of following the presentation individually on personal computers the speaker can present their topic to everyone in an original way, interacting directly with the interactive glass on the panel.
This is possible thanks to the insertion of a touchscreen film between two panes of glass and the connection with a projector and a computer. Interactive glass by Vetroin is fruit of years of research and projects, the results are the confirmation and satisfaction.
Contact us to find out more, to discover all the other technical characteristics of interactive glass and to get an estimate with no obbligation to purchase. We are at your service for any request.

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