Interactive glass by Vetroin, very professional.

VetroInTeractive, interactive glass, technological evolution for comodity. Imagine it in your conference room.

VetroInTeractive, interactive glass, is a real patent of our company, a unique product in the world, an example of technological excellence. We're talking about an interactive partition panel that acts like a computer, really useful for large meeting rooms or important offices.
Let's look at how it works: interactive glass by Vetroin is composed of a traditional partition panel equipped with a touch screen film, through a video projector connected to a computer, the glass can be used and comands given by simply touching it. What a revolution! Imagine giving a company presentation in a congress room equipped with this interactive glass, the result can only be exceptional. In this specific case technology is for our comodity!
On our websiye, on the page dedicated to innovations, you'll find images of our interactive glass, to get an idea of the final aspect of this product. Inserted in a complete project for office furnishings, it's very discreet yet gives the room a very professional look.
Don't hesitate, contact one of our collaborators to ask for an estimate with no obbligation to purchase and a personalized project. We are here to bring your office directly into the future!

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