Innovative and ultra-high technology glass walls

Glass walls VetroIN: elegance, transparency, lights and colors, technology.

Imagine a last-generation congress hall, what furniture should it be?
Let's start with a great premise: the eye wants its part, the first aesthetic impression is very important, the environment that is created puts the customers or suppliers at ease (or not). Taking care of the aesthetics and decor of your company, you will have great benefits.
VetroIN is a leading company in the design and manufacture of innovative, ultra-technological and strictly glass furnishings. That's right, the glass walls are the main elements of our projects, in the catalog, we have as many as 10 collections. We exploit the full potential of this material, we exalt the elegance and value transparency, creating interesting games of light and color and definitely impressive. If we add to this the very special processing of custom made glass walls and the technology elements that we can incorporate as automatic doors, opaque LCD glasses, interactive screens, and more.
Many other ideas will come by simply browsing our online catalog and discover the great variety and features of all our ten glass walls, including the latest INWALL, a real revolution.
For any information and to request a project with no obligation quote, please contact us, we are at your disposal.

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