INWALL office partition walls, the pride of VetroIN

Office partition walls that go beyond the limits of the glass, ultra-modern, rivoluzionary.

Among the office partition walls of our catalog there is a collection that really has exceeded the limits of matter and makes us really proud of our work, this is INWALL. This office partition wall made of glass was presented by VetroIN on the tenth anniversary of activity to celebrate the enormous successes accumulated over the years. It is a revolutionary, ultra-modern and super-technological wall, in structural glass outer wire without adhesives. How is it possible? VetroIN made it possible!
These office partition walls are made of anti-seismic glass and have elements (leveler and compensator) under patent for the seismic security of the building. The thing that is immediately evident is the great harmony of the glass sheets that fit together perfectly without containment profiles in view and without the use of adhesives, for a uniform result and imperceptible to the eye. If we want to talk about customizations, the effect of these office partition walls in glass is even more particular with the combination of other materials such as wood panels. The alignment between the transparency and the color is exciting.
We invite you to browse the brand new VetroIN website dedicated to INWALL office partition walls, so that you can really understand what we are talking about...

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