How to transform a mono-pane glass panel.

Mono-pane glass panels: natural light, elegance, spaciousness…get a project designed by Vetroin with no obbligation to purchase!

The fundamental part of Vetroin furnishings designs is certainly the mono-pane glass panel. Its function is that of separating spaces, a real dividing panel; the material is glass, transparent and elegant, that lets light filter through and creates a spacious environment, even when the office space available isn't enormous; the mono-pane version is very safe, slim and resistant.
Here are the three versions of mono-pane glass panel by Vetroin:
TRUELIGHT, the most simple, with borders in alluminium
EVOLVINWALL, system of freestanding panels with internal furnishings
HIDE, the borders can be completely hidden in the flooring or in the ceiling, creating total integration with the architectural project.
Personalization is one of the trump cards at Vetroin: the mono-pane glass panel of your office can be decorated with laser incision or screen printing, to give particular and original effects. To get an idea of our work and how a simple mono-pane glass panel can be transformed, visit our website at the page dedicated to innovations and productions.
For any further information contact us. From our technical office we can prepare an estimate for you with no obbligations.

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