How to build a stimulating and productive work environment

An extremely current question is how to make the working environment comfortable, so as to increase concentration and consequently productivity. The place where you work positively or negatively influence our mood and therefore our performance during the hours spent in the office.

Light as the best ally

The light makes this glass office beautiful

Natural light is the protagonist in this glass office

The potential for a right lighting in the workplace is increasingly the subject of studies and in recent years has led to the establishment of the Human Centric Lighting which deals with researching the effects it has on humans. Although we are thinking about improving the artificial lights so they can adapt better to our needs, it is well established that absolutely the best source of light is the natural.
It is in fact the only one that allows the human organism to function in a perfectly efficient manner, thanks to the change in intensity and color that occurs during the different hours of the day.
Optimal lighting conditions inevitably affect the performance of each of us, from concentration to productivity. For this reason an office that exploits as much as possible the use of natural light or proper artificial lighting, increases the level of psycho-physical wellbeing, encouraging the creative process. In fact, the luminous environments allow to work in a more focused way alleviating the efforts of sight that would preclude a good work performance, making the mind less tired.
How to allow a capillary diffusion of light inside the office?
An excellent solution to this problem comes from the use of glass partitions instead of the normal walls. Inside the working environments they allow a greater irradiation of light coming from sources such as windows or glass doors and at the same time less use of artificial lighting due to a wider diffusion of the same.

Large spaces to stimulate ideas

Glass partition walls between the rooms in the office

The partition glass walls put in communication environments

Like light, even the large spaces favor the relaxation of mind and body, giving us a respite from the hectic daily work.
In this regard, the open space has long been improperly used as a solution that facilitates the exchange and sharing among colleagues in the office.
Several studies, such as the one conducted in the USA by dr. Kim & Dear, however, have highlighted how often, the absence of physical divisions is a source of stress. The cause is to be found in the high number of distractions that are instead limited within an office separated in multiple environments.
Some of the major distractions are certainly those of a sonic type.
How to reconcile then the benefits of an open environment with those of one that favors concentration?
Once again the glass partition walls can create the right mix between open spaces and removing disturbing elements. Through the use of a structural element of glass, it is possible to give continuity to the environments by substantially expanding the perception of openness within the office, not infringing the privacy necessary for the performance of one's work.

The power of colors

Offices with colored glass furniture

The power of colors in offices and the effect with glass

Through the corpuscular theory of light, Newton showed how light was composed of the sum of all the other colors. Subsequently, through the studies on color, we arrived at the establishment of the Chromatology that over the years has seen its application in various fields. Nell 'interior design is used a great deal especially with regard to the influence of color on our moods.

So what are the colors to use in your office?
The warm colors are carriers of vitality, therefore ideal in the workplace although they must be dosed to avoid creating excessively energetic and fatiguing environments.
The most indicated are:
* Orange, that stimulates creativity and is a perfect antidote to fatigue
* Yellow, that favors mental functions such as attention and learning and at the same time reduces drowsiness
Cold colors promote relaxation by relieving blood pressure.
The main ones to use are:

* Green, perfect for reflection and calm, therefore excellent for environments where business meetings, training courses or seminars are organized
* Purple, that helps to moderate irritability and encourages inspiration, making it an ally inside the meeting rooms.

* Blue is the ultimate relaxing color, it is good to promote relaxation and is an ideal anti-stress

Music that helps productivity

Music improves your work

Music in the office can increase your creativity

We have already seen how noise negatively affects working spaces and how glass partition walls can combine the different positive aspects of lighting, amplitude and concentration.
However, it is not always said that you work better within an environment that is totally free of distractions. In order to concentrate the best way during the day, music can be used.
 Recent studies, such as the one conducted by the British company specialized in neuromarketing Mindlab, show how listening to music fosters the increase in attention and productivity, going to stimulate creativity. It also helps reduce stress, allowing better work performance.
Fundamental is the choice of optimal music for each of us and the use of earphones in case we find ourselves sharing the office with more colleagues, so as not to constitute in our turn a source of distraction.

A look at nature as relaxation

We have all personally experienced the benefits of walking in a park or contemplating a beautiful landscape.
Although it is not always possible to have windows that open onto green areas, recent studies have shown that the presence of plants inside the office increases productivity by 15% compared to environments that do not have it.
The ideal would be if every desk could have the visual on a plant, so as to allow everyone to enjoy the benefits of this.
It is also excellent to put them in the relaxation areas or in areas with frequent passage, so that everyone can come into contact with them.

Furniture in glass and nature, an excellent combination

When nature becomes part of the glass furnishing project

As the Polish sociologist Bauman supports in his book Liquid Life, we live in a society that is constantly changing, full of quick interactions and that is flexible within each field, from the individual to the public and professional sphere. For this reason we should adapt this liquid vision to the architectures that host us daily, allowing the space to facilitate cooperation.
We do not raise walls where we could build bridges. We open the view on the horizon through the use of glass partition walls that do not limit but increase our productivity.

Laser engraving on glass plate
Furniture in glass and nature, an excellent combination

Glass partition walls between the rooms in the office

Design panels for sound-absorbing walls

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