Glazed walls: from the office a glimpse of the outside

Experience tells us that the glazed walls positively influence the performance of employees in the office.

The question that everyone asks us, is: do the glazed walls in the offices influence the mood and performance of the employees? Does productivity have a positive or negative turn?
Let's start with a clear and immediate data: about 70% of the offices in the United States of America have open spaces with glass walls. We know that the US is always at the forefront of psychology and productivity studies, so we can trust it! The benefits of having this kind of furniture are really important, definitely including greater communication and collaboration between employees, saving electricity through the maximum use of daylight, well-being and harmony thanks to the view outside.
It is precisely this last feature, the view towards the garden, the city or in any case outdoors, for the majority of office workers is among the most important. Especially for those who are forced to sit still for hours in front of a PC, closed in an office, this glimpse into which to rest your eyes and detach the attention is essential.
All this is possible only and exclusively with glazed walls, partition walls between the environments completely (or almost) transparent, 100% customizable, safe and even technological. What to add? We invite you to contact us directly to learn about our company, VetroIN, and to see some images of our recent achievements.

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