Glass with LED, the last frontier of personalization.

Vetroin and the glass panel with LED lighting: maximum personalization and great results…architects, turn to our company!

Glass with LED lighting is one of the possible proposals of personalization by Vetroin, market leader in the design of luxury office furnishings. If you want to propose something really unique you're in the right place!
Glass with LED lighting creates a very suggestive and  new effect of light and colours. The transparency of the glass, the coloured light of the LED that penetrates between the panes of glass and maybe even a laser incision that models the light...these are the main characteristics of this panel in glass with LED lighting that we're talking about here today, just like magic.
The effect is amazing, there's no doubt. Technology is an integral part of Vetroin projects and our glass with LED is an example. The personalization of an environment is the winning card of all important companies, release your imagination and create a great office, as great as your reputation.
To understand fully what we are talking about and the results we can obtain, visit our website and browse through all the images; you'll find some of our lastest productions really surprising! If you want to be part of the Vetroin world all you have to do is contact us for an estimate.
Architects and interior designers, our glass with LED lighting can make the difference. If a company asks you for a unique project, avant-garde and modern, call Vetroin!

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