Glass with LED, it will surprise you

VetroIN and glass with LED: one of the most popular customizations ever.

The glass with LED lighting is part of the great family of the possible customizations badged Vetroin. As you know, all the projects of this company are carefully crafted, fully tailored and 100% customizable. Not only will our technicians and designers focus on optimizing the spaces and making them as comfortable and bright as possible, but they will also think about customizing the environments so to perform special processing on customer's request.
One of these is definitely the glass with LED. What is it about? VetroIN is able to process glass sheets of any size by special laser engraving (on digital drawing); once the slab is created that will give life to the wall or door, a LED illumination will be prepared on the perimeter and this will color only the engraved glass parts. It is really magical, we guarantee the result is outstanding.
Obviously you will choose the design you want to print, it could be your corporate logo, an object that represents you, a stylization or even a real portrait. The glass with LED will surprise you.
Please contact us for a customized project.

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