Glass with LCD film: technology makes the difference

Glass with LCD film: modulation of natural light for privacy and a scenographic optical effect.

Vetroin is always a step ahead of its competitors in the field of office furnishings. As you well know, the use of glass as the main element of the furnishings is not the company's only winning is what distinguishes an important and luxurious environment.
Today we're looking at LCD film. What does it consist of? What is the result? Let's start from the beginning, some say that glass furnishing could create problems with lack of privacy or too much natural sunlight. The solution can be found in technology: the use of glass with LCD film placed between two sheets of glass, gives you the possibility to regulate the transparency or opaqueness of the glass dividing panels or glass doors, modulating the light and choosing privacy within the workspace.
With a simple click you can change the disposition of the liquid crystals and make the glass opaque or transparent. What more could you want? During a meeting, in the hottest hours of the day with the sun high up in the sky...just a click! Or even only for scenographic effect, glass with LCD film is perfect.
Contact Vetroin and ask for an estimate of a design project including glass with LCD film, to get an idea of the image your office would acquire. Vetroin, a guarantee!

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