Glass with LCD film: even the design is customizable!

The glass with LCD film to personalize even more the office with designs also in color.

The glass with LCD film is one of the most popular of our production, a technological element that allows for special effects in the environment. We will explain better: the glass with LCD film is nothing more than a partition wall composed of two sheets of glass and in the middle a liquid crystal film. Through a simple switch, which generates whether or not a magnetic field, the glass remains transparent or become opaque.
With this technology it is possible to design an all-glass furniture and thus very elegant, refined, original and of great visual impact, but without sacrificing the necessary privacy. When your customer will get guests to discuss private negotiations, he only has to click the switch and the glass will transform opaque in real time.
That's not all . The glass with LCD film can be fully customized: the drawing that appears is perfectly tailored and made specially for you, from the most basic design to the more difficult works, even in color. All customizations are performed by high customization modern machines, so you can unleash the imagination to amaze your customers. In the gallery of our website, in the section dedicated to the glass with LCD film, you will find some examples of our recent achievements.
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