Glass with LCD film.

Glass with LCD film, a layer of liquid crystals between two sheets of glass allows opaqueness thanks to an electric field.

Glass with LCD film is one of the possibilities of personalization by Vetroin, for the furnishing of your office, alongside printing, laser engraving, decorations with fabric and other materials.

Let's start at the beginning, LCD means "Liquid Crystal Display" or rather a film with liquid crystals that is inserted by our company, between two sheets of glass and, allows you to make the panel opaque with a simple click. This happens thanks to an electric field: when it is not applied the light can pass through the glass with no problem, thanks to its transparency...whereas when it is activated, the light is polarized and the glass becomes opaque.

What are the advantages of installing glass with LCD film in your office? First of all, glass furnishings are very elegant, avant-grade, modern, perfect for companies that want to invest in technology. Glass with LCD film makes it possible to create privacy and a reserved atmosphere when it is needed, for example during an important meeting. With a simple click your office will go from transparent to opaque.

Contact Vetroin to find out more about the functions of glass with LCD film, to get an estimate for a completely new office and to talk about the project. We are at your service; turn to the best comapny to amaze your clients.

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