Glass walls: nine structures of Vetroin and the tenth on the way!

The 9 glass walls of Vetroin, the tenth will be presented at Orgatech 2016, for specialized operators.

Vetroin of Castelmella, Brescia, was founded exactly 10 years ago and today it is one of the leading companies in the production of glass walls for offices, not only in Europe but also in Latin America and the Far East, thanks to partnerships with highly successful local companies. Projects entirely created and custom made, according to specific customer requirements, using glass and wood as primary elements, to be enhanced. Elegance, class and extremely modern ... these are the characteristics of the furnishing of Vetroin.
In these 10 years 9 glass walls were created:
-  TrueLight TL41 and TL60 single pane, double pane TL42, with only a function of separation;
-  EVOLVINWALL EW1 single pane, EW2 double pane, with self-supporting curtain wall panels;
-  HIDE HI1 single pane, HI2 double pane, with integrated movable interior walls, profiles recessed in the floor and suspended ceiling;
-  SOLID WALL  a wall system in the blind version of wood and double glazing;
-  STORAGE WALL fitted to container, with support structure in vertical panels in conglomerate wood.
To celebrate the 10 years in business, Vetroin created the tenth glass wall, INWALL, to be presented at the trade show ORGATECH 2016. We are talking about a revolutionary structural glass wall with external thread, 85 mm thick, attached to aluminum profiles without adhesives and studied to mitigate the structural stresses.
Vetroin is a real and true guarantee.

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