Glass walls with LCD, it's all about the magnetic field

The electricity allows the glass walls with LCD become opaque or to remain transparent, thanks to the change of the magnetic field.

Vetroin proposes in its projects glass walls with LCD, what does this mean?
Between two glass plates is inserted a LCD film, which may cause the transparency or opacity of the glass itself through a single click of switch. It' s all about the magnetic field changes, due to the presence or absence of electricity. It is just you who choose whether at that time you need privacy or not, if you need to dull the glass walls with LCD or leave transparent.
This technological solution creates benefits both the appearance scenic, so the aesthetics and the element of surprise, both the functional aspect, to control the visibility and penetration of natural light into the room. Building a new office furniture, glass walls with LCD could be that element of technology and surprise that characterizes your environment, always placing yourself one step ahead of the competitors.

Vetroin deals with design and creates tailored glass furniture, offering not only glass walls with LCD but also sliding systems for doors, walls equipped with furniture, interactive windows, various decorations and processing. Customization is our strong point. If you are responsible to furnish a big company, please contact Vetroin to make a truly prestigious job.

LCD Glass
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