Glass walls for offices: rely on VetroIN

Glass walls for offices: when a project becomes special, unique and technological.

Do you need to build a new important office, make it technological and safe, so taking care of your corporate image in the best way? Generally rely on an architect is the most suitable option, because for the range of possibilities and trusted professionals to whom you can rely to design something really unique. VetroIN is a leading company in the field of ultra-technological office furniture, using glass as the main material of the entire project.
Let's talk about our glass walls for offices: we have created 10 collections to meet all customer needs, from the most "basic" to the most "innovative". We have glass walls that serve only as a partition wall, so to divide the space inside the building; others that become an integral part of work, transforming into interactive glasses with which one can interact; passing to the glass walls for offices equipped with archival spaces in which to store documents, sheets, stationery and various materials.
The latest creation of VetroIN, the glass walls for offices INWALL, represents a real revolution that goes beyond the physical limits of material. This particular collection has also passed important tests with regard to the earth oscillations, being judged as "safe and ideal" in case of an earthquake for the safety of things and persons.
Architects, please contact us for all new projects.

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