Glass walls INWALL, what a revolution

After years of success, the glass walls INWALL signed by Vetroin arrive.

VetroIN is a great company specialized in the design and construction of unique and exclusive glass walls for commercial activities and offices of great prestige. We are at the forefront of the industry not only in Italy but also throughout Europe and we boast important collaborations in other countries of the world. Year after year we have collected lots of success and this drives us to do better and better, to invest in research and to create always better and always more modern structures. That's how the INWALL glass walls were born, the latest born of VetroIN, for the company's tenth anniversary.
What is it? We have created these glass walls that represent a real revolution in the furniture sector, more precisely in structural glass with an external thread without adhesives. This means that the plates that make up the glass walls are aligned on the outer edge and have no visible containment profile, the connections are made to interlock without the use of any type of adhesive. If this is not a revolution, tell us what it is!
Inwall is available in 4 versions: wall with asymmetric glass, double glazed wall, blind wall and acoustic wall. Some of the elements that make up these glass walls are being patented with regard to the seismic safety. Please contact us to find out more.

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