Glass sliding doors: practical and elegant.

The advantages of inserting a glass sliding door into your furnishing design. Contact Vetroin for a project design.

Which advantages can the installation of a glass sliding door into your office furnishings bring?
Vetroin projects and produces made to measure glass furnishings for large companies and avant-garde, modern and technological offices. Our designs are unique and original, definitely superior to those of our rivals. If you want to amaze, you're in the right place. Vetroin projectsinclude glass sliding doors, to guarantee the maximum comfort and functionality within the workplace.
Glass sliding doors can be completely personalized with decorations, incisions, printing and more. It can have a self-standing structure, vanish into a wall thanks to a counter frame which offers the maximum space saving, or it can open parallel to the wall or dividing panel. The elegance and practical aspect of glass sliding doors in unquestionable.
Where can it be installed? Professional environments of a certain level should all have Vetroin furnishings, such as banks, important headoffices, insurance companies, famous brand branches...any company that wishes to give an important image with strong impact and of great success.
The designers at Vetroin will prepare projects for you that include all the elements for interiors that you desire, including glass sliding doors. After which all the structures will be produced within our workshops, with great attention to the tiniest details. Are you ready to transform an idea into reality?
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