Glass sliding doors within the projects for 2016

Renovations for the New Year? Furniture plans with Vetroin’s glass sliding doors!

During these wonderful Christmas vacations, when we're used to see the cities being all coloured and decorated, the shops' windows being rich of Christmas products and many nice products to be eaten, Vetroin wants to make you its most sincere wishes for a good New Year. May it be rich of satisfactions and a lot of serenity. 2016 is at the doorstep by now: just a few hours and we'll be celebrating the coming of the New Year with friends and relatives. Enjoy these last days of vacation, and then "all back to work"!
Vetroin is still thinking of all the new projects for 2016, and to the optimisation of the services and structures that it offers you. Among the elements in highest demand, one can certainly find the beautiful and elegant glass sliding doors: technological and modern. The usefulness and comfort of these structures has no match, and not only because of the very particular image and atmosphere they create.
If, in the coming year, you want to invest in the company's image and in the furniture for your offices, then contact Vetroin and we'll provide you with custom-made projects with our glass sliding doors. Personalisation is guaranteed: depending on your demands, we'll perform works that are more beautiful then ever, for a rather noteworthy final effect! Choose the functionality of the glass sliding doors, which automatically open without having to push or pull anything!
Again, so many wishes for a nice 2016, contact us for all of your projects.


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