Glass sliding doors, personalized too!

Glass sliding doors for comodity and very functional. Personalize them 100%.

Vetroin produces beautiful personalized glass sliding doors for the furnishing of your office! That's right, if you need to renovate an office or design the furnishing for a new company, you're in the right place...ask Vetroin and his projects will amaze you.
In our furnishing designs we can't forget the glass sliding doors with technological and avant-garde systems to create modern, functional and stunning environments. The comodity of sliding systems is unquestionable, if we add the finishing touches and personalized decorations by Vetroin the result is a guaranteed success.
Our furnishings are adaptable to any kind of company, small branches or head offices...the versatile aspect, elegnace and class of the elements by Vetroin are outstanding everywhere. Even if the spaces are not very big, glass sliding doors could be an ideal solution, to make the most of the space available and not be bound by the opening of traditional doors.
As we have said before, the possibilities of personalization are maximum. We can engrave the glass panes with a laser, print, insert fabrics or other materials...or we can go for something more technological, with our proposal of glass with LCD that can become opaque at the click of a switch.
What do you think? Are these glass sliding doors in your thoughts? Contact us to find out more and to speak directly with one of our technicians.

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