Glass partitions: 10 collections signed VetroIN

Glass partitions: very large catalog of VetroIN, with 10 collections to make your special furniture.

The VetroIN catalog that concerns precisely the glass partition is so vast that we will be spoiled for choice in proposing an aesthetically beautiful and functional furniture for your business. In these years of flourishing activity we have designed and produced 10 collections of glass partitions, up to the last INWALL a real revolution. All have in common very high quality, 100% made in Italy, safety and aesthetics.
Today we talk about TRUELIGHT, glass partitions born with the only function of separation of space, to create customized and personalized environments. TL60 is the basic model toughened, TL41 and TL42 are reduced guided, available in single pane and double pane version. The extruded aluminum profiles, which we remind you to be processed entirely in our laboratory, allow to completely equalize the wall and are designed to accommodate safety glazing, panels with fabrics, laminated wood panels, and more.
Let us now discuss the doors of these glass partitions, they are available with a swing or sliding system, either one door or two doors, either in glass or wood, at full height or standard. What do you think? An infinite variety to meet all your needs and offer you a special, unique, complete furniture.
For all other information about our glass partition walls, please contact us directly.

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