Glass partitions also protect against noise

On a number of times we have to divide the interior space, for example, in the office or at a plant, with view to more efficient use of the space. Glass partition walls make a unique, elegant and very practical alternative. When it comes to glass, many of us can’t even imagine that these glass partition walls can be a useful noise protection means. How many times, being in one work space, you longed for some quietness to concentrate better? Here is your solution. Vetroin offers glass partition walls Truelight with a special sound-absorbing technology. 

In a double configuration of round and square profiles these glass partition walls have a perimeter structure made of aluminum extrusion, which includes soft PVC laying to guarantee noise reduction. Moreover, the bottom part of the structure has a special open-cell sponge which prevents formation of an acoustic bridge. These two types of glass partition walls are also available with double thickness: mm 50 x 42 h or mm 35 x 60 h to meet various demands.
All the products are manufactured inside the company using high-precision instruments. And highly qualified staff will carry out the installation.

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