Glass partition: the advantages of installing such an element

Glass partition: the integral part of an original furniture plan that is very modern and technological

What does it mean to include a glass partition between two offices in a furniture plan? What function does this innovative element have? As you'll have understood, we're talking about offices' furniture for great companies that are particularly attentive towards aesthetics and the image of the company itself. Vetroin plans and creates furniture using, for the most part, glass elements ... which are really avant-garde.
The glass partition between officers, thanking to the material's transparency, allows not having any barrier limiting space and vision. On the contrary, you will get the feeling of being in a very big and surely modern environment. The games of light that this glass partition allows you to achieve are truly exceptional... this being the case of both natural light (which radiates all offices going through the glass) and the artificial one (even coloured and specifically created).
Technological elements never go missing in our projects. This glass partition can be completely decorated and customised; it could be equipped with LED and could also be 'armed' with an LCD panel that allows to opacify the surface with a click.
Architects and interior designers, contact Vetroin straightaway! Don't let this opportunity get away from you.

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