Glass partition walls yes, but signed vetroIN

Our glass partition walls, for a decidedly special decor

Glass partition walls are the most important part of our furnishing projects for offices and large companies. These are the structures to work on to optimize the division of the spaces in the environment and personalize them. Especially for large companies, it is essential to take care of the image, enhance it, give it a character ... to convey to customers, competitors and suppliers good sensations already from the furniture and care for spaces is essential. Who to contact? We are sure that the architect to which you address, already knows about VetroIN, our company is so much in evidence not only in Italy but also in Europe that all the great architects either know us or have heard of us and they are waiting for an important commission to contact us and get us to prepare a project. Therefore, VetroIN is the right ally to turn to for great success and for a very special glass furniture. We have as many as 10 series of glass partition walls to choose from, some more technological and some simpler, according to the customer needs we will prepare the design and we will establish together the character and the personalization to be inserted. Technology is our ace in the hole, so we'll talk about our interactive glass, sliding systems, LED lighting and LCD opacifications. In short, glass partition walls yes, but signed VetroIN.

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