Glass partition walls with CE marking

The partition walls of glass Truelight, Evolvinwall and Hide are CE marked

Many times we talked about the functionality and the aesthetic beauty of Vetroin facilities for the furnishing of offices, companies, important representative offices and banks. Today we wish to talk about another important feature that differentiates us on the market and makes us leaders in the sector: the CE marking for our glass partition walls.
What does this mean? Vetroin obtained for the partition walls in glass Truelight, Evolvinwall and Hide the CE marking, thanks to the positive technical evaluation of the suitability for a product for an intended use. All glass partition walls therefore satisfy all European requirements and compliance procedures in the sector, offering you not just beautiful facilities and technology but also secure and guaranteed.

We appeal to architects and interior designers, working with Vetroin you can offer your customers a furniture of high quality glass, aesthetically fantastic, original and also safe. The CE marking is a further guarantee of  quality of work of the company, leader in Europe in the sector. Get help with your project, to beat the competition and realize a bespoke furniture, new and evocative, you are truly in the right place.
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