Glass partition walls, as many as 10 in our catalog

We overcome with 10 collections of glass partition walls for offices. Please contact us!

What are the most important items in office furniture? No doubt the internal walls that divide the various spaces between them. VetroIN, one of the most important and renowned companies in the industry, not only in Italy but also abroad, offers glass partition walls, with the latest and most advanced techniques that may exist.
You have understood well, our company proposes rigorously glass furnishing, enhancing all the features of this material and going beyond all its limits. We have created as many as 10 collections of glass partition walls, one more beautiful than the other, with different features and different options to suit all your needs. Let's start with Truelight, which has the simple function of dividing space in a harmonious manner and enhancing the light of the environment, then we move to Storage Wall, which also includes the use of archival storage cupboards, until we arrive at the last born of VetroIN, to celebrate the tenth anniversary of activity, Inwall. This last wall is a real revolution, designed with anti-seismic elements in the process being patented.
Surely, if you need to impress a client, VetroIN is the right ally for you. Discover with us all the glass partition walls of our catalog and ask for a quotation without obligation to our technical staff.

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