Glass partition wall in harmony with wood

As the glass partition wall is combined with the wooden elements in a contemporary furniture

Many customers in recent years ask us for a contemporary office furniture. But what does this mean? What are the trends of the moment? VetroIN, a leading company in the industry for 10 years now, helps us to understand what features must have an important furniture today.
Contemporary style is perfect when, in contrast, harmony is found. How did VetroIN interpret this? For example, combining a transparent and elegant glass partition wall with a wooden element, hard and very substantial. Finding the right balance, the ideal processing, complementary color tones, the light that makes it all the more special ... these are the challenges of all the furniture projects of our company, which we love to win.
An example? The INWALL glass partition wall, that alternate with wood veneered panels and then still glass. The key words are: coplanarity and a single surface. That's right, without perceiving any connection, the materials will marry each other perfectly, for a decidedly contemporary wedding.
We invite you to look on our website also the wainscoting images (coatings for masonry walls), of Solid and Storage Wall (another example of a glass partition wall with wooden elements, this time for storing documents) and indeed INWALL.

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