Glass partition for the company’s serenity

In order to increase the workers’ wellbeing, separate your offices with Vetroin’s glass partition

Freedoms of thought and of expression have been a great step in the development of civilization. Any kind of freedom is necessary in a civil country; the one to work has been conquered after long battles. The very work environment has been oppressive for centuries; one only needs to think of the '800's industrial society and of the beginning of the '900's extenuating factory shifts.
Today, thanks to the conquests of the past, one can work in comfortable environments and with shifts that allow a serene life. A lot can still be done. For instance, Vetroin (a company leading in the sector of furniture for offices and companies) suggests the use of the glass partition. A partition wall made of glass allows the separation of environments and offices whilst still allowing the workers to see each other and to coexist in one large place. With the glass partition it's as if the space breathed: natural light freely penetrates, the air circulates better and everything seems bigger. This, without a doubt, leads to a greater sense of serenity within the company.
Try also to imagine the furniture's visual impact and final effect due to these glass partitions, perhaps being even decorated and customisen with colours or specific designs... Appeareances count too! To find out more, don't hesitate to contact us.

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